Command Staff

Captain badge

The Executive Officer is Major Stephen Brown. Major Brown has held this position since 2011. He started his career with the Ridgefield Police Department in 1993 as a patrol officer. He has been promoted through the ranks and has commanded all three of the department's divisions.

In addition to being in command of the Department in the absence of the Chief, Major Brown oversees the commanders of the Uniform, Detective, Professional Standards, and Communications Divisions. The Major investigates Internal Affairs complaints, coordinates hiring, examines FOI requests, supervises all scheduling, writes grant proposals, and assists in payroll and budgeting.

Major Brown may be contacted at 203-431-2796, Monday through Friday. His email is

The Uniform Division Commander is Captain Bryan Terzian. Captain Terzian oversees all patrol officers, sergeants and lieutenants, and he is responsible for all extra duty and special town events. Captain Terzian started his career with Ridgefield in 1995. After a stint in the detective division he was promoted to sergeant and lieutenant. Currently, he commands a staff of 30 uniform division officers.

Captain Terzian may be contacted at 203-431-2799, Monday through Friday. His email is

The Detective Division Commander is Captain Thomas Comstock. Captain Comstock supervises four detectives, one of whom also serves as the Department's Youth Officer. Captain Comstock also serves as Court Liaison for the Department. The Detective Division can be contacted directly by the following numbers:

          203-431-2798 - Captain Thomas Comstock, Monday through Friday. Email
          203-431-2794 - Detective Division
          203-431-2345 - Drug Tip Hotline / Crime Watch (a confidential line)

The Division of Professional Standards Commander (formerly the Director of Training) is Captain Shawn Platt. Captain Platt oversees departmental training programs and serves as a liaison to the Connecticut Police Academy. The Division of Professional Standards also encompasses the department's Community Policing, Public Relations, Accreditation Officer, and School Resource Officer and DARE programs. 
          203-431-2797, Monday through Friday. Email