The Connecticut Police Officer and Standards Training Council (POSTC) awarded the Ridgefield Police Department Tier III accreditation in 2016.  

Officer Anthony McMahon is the Accreditation Manager for the department.


The mission statement of Connecticut Police Accreditation is to “Enhance the professionalism of Connecticut Law Enforcement agencies through voluntary compliance with contemporary, internationally recognized standards of excellence.”

The state accreditation process is part of the Police Officers Standards and Training Council. 

The Connecticut Accreditation program contains three tiers.  Tier I, Liability Standards, are designed to assist police agencies better protect themselves, their employees, and their governing entities from liability exposure as well as enhanced delivery of service and improved public confidence in the agency.  Tier II, Professional Standards, address legal requirements, management and operations.  Tier III, General Management, further expands upon the Tier II Standards, addressing legal requirements, management and operations.  Having completed all three tiers an agency can go on to CALEA accreditation with little additional work.