Solid Waste

Rate for residents: $ 88.21/ton                     Minimum Charge: $5.00

NOTE:  When entering either gate, be sure to tell the scale house attendant if you are carrying recyclables.  Some are free of charge to drop off.  It is difficult to determine their weight after dropping them off to adjust your charge.

1. Passenger vehicles carrying 120 pounds or less of household trash and recyclables:  Enter the driveway to the right of the scale house and proceed to the gate (see picture above). As of July 1st ,2019 - These vehicles are not weighed.

  • Residents are charged $ 5.00 for 5 bags or less, $10.00 for up to10 bags.
  • Non-residents are charged $10, 1-10 bags. 
  • Anything over 10 bags must be weighed. Residents are charged $88.21 per ton, non residents charged $93.75 per ton (as of Jan 1, 2020).  
  • From the driver's side window, swipe either a charge or debit card and follow the prompts at the gate control box.  Wait approximately 30 seconds for your transaction to register and the gate will lift. Follow asphalt driveway around to the far left side of the transfer station.

2. All trucks and passenger vehicles carrying more than 120 pounds of trash and recyclables: Enter the driveway to the left of the yellow scale house and stop on the weigh scale. Stay in your vehicle to be weighed in. Proceed along asphalt driveway to the far left side of the transfer station.  After depositing your items, return back to the scale house to be weighed out. Remain in the vehicle until you are signaled by the attendant.  You will then pay with either a debit or credit card.  

3. If at any time you have a question or experience a problem, please ask the attendant for assistance.

4  Remember to proceed with caution and drive no more than 5 miles per hour when within the Transfer Station.