Rate: $0.15 / pound                      No Minimum

Recyclables accepted at the Transfer Station 
refrigerators, freezers, humidifiers, propane tanks (40 pounds max), dehumidifiers, scrap metal, tires, metal lamps, ink cartridges, microwaves, car batteries. These recyclables must be weighed in and out on the scale. 
(These items are not to be confused with mixed recycling received at the Recycling Center.)

E-Waste (this has moved to the Recycling center)
No charge or minimum. See the list of E-waste

Ink Cartridges  (bring to Town Hall or the Recycling Center)
No charge or minimum

Mattresses  (this has moved to the Recycling center)
Clean and dry mattresses can be recycled at no charge. See complete Mattress Recycling Council guidelines  - MRC - Guidelines
Soiled, wet or infested mattresses are unacceptable for recycling, and are charged and accepted as solid waste at $88.21/TON for residents and $93.75/TON for non-residents.

Let's face it: recycling can be confusing! Some items can be left curbside; others are only accepted at the Recycling Center. Still others at the Transfer Station. For a comprehensive list of what can be recycled, where they are accepted and located, click on the link below for a list clarifying this information.

For more information visit the HRRA website or call (203) 775-4539.