Tree Committee


The Ridgefield Town Tree Committee's mission is to encourage the town to commit community effort and resources to preserving and improving our trees and greenscape. Our goal is to establish and maintain an optimum, stable, and safe public tree and plant environment, thereby enhancing Ridgefield's historic character: esthetic, natural, and economic.

About the Tree Committee

The Tree Committee, now consisting of seven volunteer citizens, was established in 1996, when the Ridgefield Tree Ordinance was first approved by the Board of Selectman. The committee works with the Tree Warden in an advisory capacity. The Committee has actively sought to expand its knowledge about trees, to use that knowledge in supporting the Tree Warden, and to share that knowledge with the community. Reviewing the planting plans for public construction projects, solving tree issues that arise, and presenting educational programs are some of the Committee's activities.

Additionally, the Committee published a Forestry Management Plan in the fall of 2003, which provides important information about the standards and practices that are essential to maintaining and enhancing the town's impressive trees and shrubs. The Forestry Management plan is accessible through this website.

A notable tree program is maintained by the committee and a booklet was published in July, 2004, describing town trees officially designated "Notable Trees" by the Connecticut Botanical Society, as well as those named locally by the committee. Information about the Notable Tree booklet is also accessible through this website.

Anyone wishing to communicate with the Ridgefield Tree Committee or the Tree Warden can write to the Committee at Town Hall, 400 Main Street, or can call the Tree Warden's office at: 203-431-2358.

Committee Members

Name Title
Robert D. Roth Chairman
Anthony Lewis Tufariello
Thomas McManus
Ann L Dunnington Appointed by Conservation Commission
Eileen Bridget White Appointed by Conservation Commission
Paul Shotton Appointed by Conservation Commission
Ryan Bossi Appointed by Conservation Commission