Planning and Zoning Commission

About Us

The Planning and Zoning Commission is an elected nine-member board responsible for the overall planning of the Town.


In its Planning capacity, the Commission prepares the Comprehensive Town Plan (the zoning map) and the Plan of Conservation and Development, and updates the plan every 10 years. The Commission also approves subdivisions of land to create building lots.

Click here for the 2010 Plan of Conservation and Development.

In its Zoning capacity, the Commission is responsible for the review and approval of site plans for the construction of commercial and office buildings, for the development of recreational facilities, and for the construction of municipal and institutional facilities.



Contact us if you need:

  • Information about the Plan of Conservation and Development
  • Approval of subdivisions
  • Approval of plans for the construction of commercial and office buildings
  • Approval of home occupations 
  • Approval for the change of use of a property or business

Forms, fee schedules and other useful information can be found by clicking on "Application Procedures" and "Zoning Regulations" in the bulleted list above.

Commission Members

* Appointed to fill vacancies for unexpired terms, elected in subsequent election years.

NameTitleFirst ElectedCurrent Term
Rebecca Mucchetti


Nov. 2001

11/2017 – 11/2021

Joseph Fossi


Nov. 2005

11/2017 – 11/2021


Joseph Dowdell

Nov 2017

11/2017 – 11/2021

Timothy Dunphy

Jan. 22, 2014*

11/2015 - 11/2019

George Hanlon

Jan. 5, 2011*

11/2017 – 11/2021

John Katz

Sept. 1978*

11/2015 – 11/2019

Feb 2016


Mark Zeck

Nov. 2015

11/2015 – 11/2019