Zoning Regulations

The Zoning Regulations (effective 5/1/07) 
can be downloaded from this page in sections.


An Amendment Prohibiting Medical Marijuana
Dispensaries and Production Facilities  -  New Section 7.13


NBZ Neighborhood Business Zone - Amendment to ZONING MAP

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ZONING REGULATIONS - Adopted 3/20/2007
EFFECTIVE on 5/1/2007 (amended thru 06/2019)

The on-line version of the Zoning Regulations 
is provided for reference and convenience. 
The Planning and Zoning Office maintains records for any amendments, 
and updates the on-line version on a regular basis.  
If any discrepancies exist between the on-line version and the records 
kept in the Planning and Zoning Office, the print version 
and any amendments in the Office shall be considered correct. 

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AMENDMENTS - Chronological List - Updated August 2014
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Work Sheet for Calculating Lot Coverage
Work Sheet for Lot Coverage Exception (Special Permit)
Work Sheet for Calculating Floor Area
Info on Calculating Building Height
Table of Residential Bulk Requirements
FAQs about the Village District
Sign Regulations
FAQs about Properties and Land Use
FAQs about Accessory Apartments

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Adopted 3/20/07 - Effective 5/2/07

Cover Page and Summary of Changes
Previous Zoning - Copps Hill Area
Adopted Zone Change - Copps Hill Area
Previous Zoning - Downtown Business/Residential Area
Adopted Zone Change - Downtown Business/Residential Area
Previous Zoning - Routes 7 and 35
Adopted Zone Change - Routes 7 and 35 Area

Adopted Zone Change - Danbury Road Retail Zone
Effective 11/19/10

Adopted Zone Change - 10 acres Schlumberger Property to MFDD
Effective 7/19/13

Village District Map

Adopted Zone Change - Establishment of Main Street Design District
Effective 10/11/13 (See also Sec. 4.5 in the Zoning Regulations)

State-Defined Aquifer MAP