POCD 2020

Ridgefield’s Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) is a document intended to establish a common vision for the future of Ridgefield and then determine policies and action steps that will help attain that vision.  While the key purpose and function of the POCD is to address the physical conservation and development of Ridgefield, it may also address issues related to economic development and social development.  The goals and recommendations of the Plan are intended to reflect an overall consensus of what is considered desirable for Ridgefield and its residents in the future. 


The process of preparing the Plan of Conservation and Development for Ridgefield will be overseen and coordinated by the Planning and Zoning Commission with input from local boards and agencies and from Ridgefield residents  Once adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the POCD is used to:

•             coordinate conservation activities,

•             guide land use decisions and regulations,

•             program public projects, and

•             meet identified public needs.


Although the POCD is primarily an advisory document, it is intended to guide local boards and commissions and to provide a framework for consistent decision-making with regard to conservation and development activities in Ridgefield over the next decade or so.  Implementation will only occur with the diligent efforts of the residents and officials of the Town of Ridgefield.  The Plan will only be effective if it is understood and supported by the people of Ridgefield, and implemented by local boards and commissions.