Invasive Fauna and Flora

How to dispose of invasive plants you have removed from your garden.

Invasives Committee

The Invasives Committee of the Conservation Commission was formed to help community members identify and eradicate invasive plants on their properties and on town open spaces. Invasive plants are non-native plants that are disruptive in a way that causes environmental or economic harm, or harm to human health. In Connecticut, the Connecticut Invasive Plants Council has developed a list of non-native plants that cause (or have the potential to cause) environmental harm in minimally-managed areas.

The invasive plants of particular concern in Ridgefield, are listed below. Click the name to see the fact sheet.

The committee is also on the lookout for two destructive non-native beetles:

We welcome questions from the public about any of these invasive plants and beetles, and any others  you may find on your property. Please contact  us at 203-431-2713 or

More details on invasive plant species in Connecticut can be found at the UConn website. In particular, check out "Meet the Plants."

More Resources for Invasive Plants


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