How to Apply for a Variance

Ridgefield ZBA - Instructions for Filing for Variance Application

A complete variance application consists of the following:

  1. A completed application form which shall include: The “Review by the Zoning Enforcement Officer” form signed by the ZEO. When construction is involved, a completed FAR, lot coverage and setback calculation sheet. Please see menu for downloadable application form.
  2. Six copies of a plot plan showing the location of all existing and proposed buildings, with sizes drawn to scale.  If setbacks are involved, a survey showing exact setback distances from the property lines to the nearest point of any proposed construction is required. Check with the Administrator.
  3. When construction is involved, six copies of drawings to scale showing elevations and floor plans.  Please note that the size of these plans should not exceed 11” x 17”.
  4. One application is required whenever a single property is involved and the request covers only one structure on the property.  Separate applications are required for each structure if variances are needed for more than one structure on a single property.
  5. As of June 1, 2008, all property owners within 100 ft. of any property line shall be notified of the variance petition. Notification will be done by the ZBA office and fees for such notification are shown below.
  6. As of February 1, 2017 the application fees are as follows. Checks should be made payable to the Town of Ridgefield.  The application fees are subject to change.
    Application / Fee TypeAmount
    Residential:  Single Family

    Residential:  Multi-Family

    Commercial Uses$280
    State Fee$60
    Neighbor Notification:  1-15 neighbors

    Neighbor Notification:  Over 15 neighbors

    $1 per address
  7. It is your responsibility to verify whether your property is subject to any conservation or preservation restrictions or easements. If it is, the requirements of Public Act 05-124 shall apply. This Act requires, in pertinent part, that

    “No person shall file a permit application with a state or local land use agency…other than for interior work in an existing building…that does not alter the footprint…relating to property that is subject to a conservation restriction or a preservation restriction unless the applicant provides proof that the applicant has provided written notice of such application, by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the party holding such restriction not later than sixty days prior to the filing of the permit application. In lieu of such notice, the applicant may submit a letter from the holder of such restriction or from the holder’s authorized agent, verifying that the application is in compliance with the terms of the restriction…If the applicant fails to comply…, the party holding the easement may file an appeal with the agency… The agency…shall reverse the permit approval upon a finding that the requested land use violates the terms of such restriction.”

A full copy of Public Act 05-124 is available in the ZBA office for your convenience, or will be sent by email upon request.

Other Information

  1. If you fall within one of the watershed areas within Ridgefield, you are required by law to notify the appropriate water company.  Instructions and a copy of a sample letter are available in the ZBA office. (click here to download a copy of the watershed instructions)
  2.  Obtaining a variance does not waive the requirement for other permits.  You should check with the Health Department, Zoning Enforcement Officer, Wetlands Agent and Building Inspector to determine what other action may be required.
  3. In the case of some signs, you may be required to appear before the Architectural Advisory Committee. If you fall within a Historic District, you    may be required to appear before the Historic District Commission. Please check with the Zoning Enforcement Officer.
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