Safety Director

About Us

The Safety Director of the Town is responsible for processing the property and casualty claims from both the Public and Town Departments. The Safety Director also assists Town Departments in complying with OSHA guidelines & regulations and ensuring employee job safety. The Safety Department does not have authority for all unsafe conditions that may occur around the Town and has no authority on private property. The Safety Director is Jake Muller. Jake Muller is also the Town Purchasing Director.

The Safety Director usually attends the Insurance Risk Management Committee (IRMC) meetings that are generally held the third Tuesday of each month at Town Hall in the small conference room at 7 pm. There may be special meetings scheduled in June to review renewal's for July 1 fiscal year. The IRMC is an advisory committee to the Board of Selectman on matters of Town Insurance.  If there is interest in joining this committee, please contact the First Selectman's Office as to availability.  

Contact Us If You Need...

To file a claim against the Town for damages that you feel were caused by the Town, either because of its actions or inaction.  Please click on "Claim Form" to load & print the basic form. The form is in PDF format. As the PDF format is not interactive, you can cut & paste the form to Word, fill it out on line and then e-mail it to the Safety Director, or just print it and then fill it out by hand and then fax, mail or drop it off to the Safety Director. The Claim Form may also be faxed or mailed to you. Please contact the Safety Office to give appropriate contact (mailing address or fax #) information. You may also pick it up in person at Town Hall, 400 Main Street.