How to File a Claim

If you should have a claim against the Town for damages that you feel were caused by the Town, either because of its actions or inaction, please submit a claim form, along with any additional items you wish to present, to the Safety Director at Town Hall.

**You should keep all originals and submit copies. The Town will make copies of anything you wish to submit.

Click here "Claim Form" to load the Claim Form as a PDF file.

Instructions for Filing The Claim Form

1. Give the date and time the accident or damage occurred.

2. Provide all the contact information for the person making the claim. Include: name, address and phone number. Let us know how to best reach you. Give us a work number only if it is okay to call you there.

3. Let us know if the police were called. We will get the police report directly from the Police Department.

4. Describe where the accident or damage occurred. If it occurred at your house, which part of your house. Be as specific as you can. If you have just the name of the road, that’s okay.

5. Describe in detail what happened to cause the damage. Include why you feel the Town is at fault. What did we do that caused the damage? What didn’t we do that could have prevented the damage?

6. Include any prior notice that you may have given the Town that a problem was developing. Let us know whom you may have talked to prior to the damage actually occurring. Attach additional documentation as needed.

7. Report who was injured (if anyone) and how we can contact them. Describe the nature of their injuries in detail.

8. Report what property was damaged. Be as specific as you can.

9. Provide any repair or cost estimates. Attach copies of written estimates or invoices. These can also be added at a later date. We understand you may not have anything yet.

10. Let us know if any Town employees or vehicles were involved with the incident. Even if you just called or talked to someone about the incident either prior to it happening or after it happened.

11. Provide the names and contact information for any witness.

12. Sign and date

13. Return your claim to:

Town Safety Director. 400 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT 09877
You may mail,  e-mail, or hand deliver your claim.

The Claim Process

After your claim is received it will be forwarded with copies of your documentation to our insurance agent.

They will in turn contact the appropriate insurance carriers depending upon the type of claim. The carrier will then assign an agent and perform an investigation and make a determination to pay or not to pay.

You may provide additional information at any time and may rebut the reasons for a denial.  A letter of explanation will be sent to you for partial payment or denial.  Some small claims may be investigated internally.

Click here "Claim Form" for claim form pdf file