Youth Commission

From Town Charter Section 5-15:

The Youth Commission shall consist of sixteen (16) members serving two-year terms ending July 1. Eight (8) members shall be appointed each year. The Youth Commission shall act as an advocate for the youth of Ridgefield, and ensure participation, planning and development by the community of youth services, and shall have powers and duties in accordance with the General Statutes. Minors/youth are permitted to be members of the Youth Commission.

Fom the Youth Commission Bylaws:

In furtherance of its function under the Ridgefield Town Charter, the Commission shall serve the people of Ridgefield by offering assistance to those who seek it concerning issues involving the youth of Ridgefield, and shall promote the well-being of the youth of Ridgefield and act as their advocate.

Commission Members

Name Title
Denise Dammer-Qualey Chairperson
Mary A. Furfaro
Mark Robinson
Mary C. Doherty
James Allen Yavenditti
Emily Furfaro Youth member
Peter C. Gutstein Youth Member
Tara Ford Youth Member
Jenna K. Harford Youth Advisory
Tom Dardis Advisor
Monnie G. Newman Advisor
Alexandra Salame Advisor
Blair Posson Advisor