Dog Licenses

All dogs over the age of six months in the State of CT must be licensed, and the Town Clerk's Office is here to help you comply with this law.

A valid rabies certificate, signed by a licensed veterinarian, including the date of the vaccination and duration of immunity, must be presented to the Town Clerk. If the dog has been spayed or neutered, written proof must also be presented at the time of licensing.

License window is July 1 - June 30 annually; June is license renewal month. 

Dog license fees (Payment must be made by cash or check only)

  • Neutered Male/Spayed Female: $8.00
  • Male/Female: $19.00
  • Late Licensing Penalty: $1.00 per month, per dog
  • Lost Tag: $0.50 for new license
  • Transfer of Ownership: $1.00 for new license if already issued
  • Change of residence (Town): $0.50 for new license if already issued
  • Kennel Licenses: $51.00 per 10 dogs / $102.00 per 20 dogs