IRS Tax Information

If you are looking for IRS Payment Records there are a couple of different ways to obtain this information:

You can obtain this information by following the directions below after clicking on the IRS button: 

IRS Payment Records

  • Search by name (last name then space then 1st initial, example Smith J) 
  • Before clicking the search button there are selections below (all, due now, balance due & IRS Payment Records for Year 2018)
    • Select IRS Payment Records for Year 2018 & then click search.
  • On the next screen there is a blue heading bar (bill#, name/address, etc.)
    • All the way to the right it says IRS with a box next to it, please check the box.
    • After you select the box above the bar in bright blue font it will read Check the applicable accounts, then click on the View IRS button for a listing of payments made in 2019
    • Click on the View IRS button and then you may save or print the tax records.

*** Please note that taxes paid on a leased vehicle can not be looked up online. ***

Or please feel free to submit the request below:

Requests will be processed on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

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Please list the date range that you would like your IRS Payment Records for.
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If multiple vehicles please list all plate #'s separated by a comma.