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The Assessor's Office is responsible for completing reports for the State of Connecticut. The sales assessment ratio study for the State of Connecticut is conducted through the Assessor's Office on a continual basis and is one of several factors that determines the amount of State aid the Town receives for school aid.

The Assessor's Office actively looks for out-of-state license plates on motor vehicles located in the Town of Ridgefield for the personal property tax list.

The Assessor's Office also annually audits several business accounts to determine if the personal property rendition is filed properly. In doing so, a review of a company's general ledger, fixed asset list and schedule 4562 depreciation schedule as filed with the Internal Revenue Service is performed. Businesses are contacted to list all their assets located in the Town of Ridgefield. Field inspections are made to various real estate properties, where the Assessor then performs a reappraisal of all new construction and additions. Property transfers are processed consisting of reading deeds, property descriptions, and confirming property lines.

The Assessor's Office also processes the proration of new construction permits.

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