Press Release




The Ridgefield Police Department is informing motorists of speed limit changes on several town roads that are listed below. These speed limits are scheduled to be changed on May 30 and 31, 2019.


These speed limit changes are consistent with Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Office of the State Traffic Administration approved town road speed limits. Pursuant to Section 14-218a of the Connecticut General Statutes, speed limit certificates are issued by the Office of the State Traffic Administration to local municipalities desirous of establishing speed limits for town roads.


The speed limits for the following town roads and/or portions of town roads have been changed. These roads, or sections of roads, had been posted at 25 MPH.



Speed Limit Changes made May 30, 2019 - All had previously been 25 MPH

Lafayette Ave – Washington St to Copps Hill Rd changed to 20 mph

Pelham Lane – Wilton line to Nod Hill Rd changed to15 mph

Rochambeau Ave – Copps Hill Rd – Washington St changed to 20 mph

Washington Street – Rochambeau to Lafayette changed to  20 mph


Speed Limit Changes to be made May 31, 2019 - All had previously been 25 MPH

George Washington Highway – entire length changed to 30 mph

Farmingville Road – RT 35 to Limekiln changed to 30 mph

North Street – RT 116 to Wooster Street changed to 30 mph

Regan Road – entire length changed to 30 mph

Old Sib Rd – NY line to Rock Rd changed to 20 MPH