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Main Street Project

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Ridgefield’s Facelift Begins Monday, May 9th
Tree Work Starts as Part of Main Street Project

RIDGEFIELD, CT: Ridgefield's Main Street Project has upheld its architectural character as the town has grown in population, however, increased traffic congestion requires the downtown streets to be upgraded and enhanced. As part of the initial work, several trees will be cleared beginning Monday evening, May 9th. It is anticipated that this effort will be completed during the next one to two weeks; and will occur at night to reduce daytime traffic congestion.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi explains, "After critical meetings among the State DOT, Ridgefield’s Tree Warden, and the landscape architect retained by the Town, it was determined that several trees are threatening the safety of Main Street. This project provides a wonderful opportunity to remove dangerous and dying trees and replace them with beautiful native species. The tree work will help beautify the street, comply with the State's requirements, and improve safety."

The tree work is essential to the overall success of the Main Street Project, which is designed to reduce traffic congestion. Following the clearing of the trees, construction will begin at the intersection of Prospect and Main Streets, and the CVS parking lot. This work will also occur during evening hours.

The Town of Ridgefield is collaborating closely with the State DOT and the construction company to ensure that project timelines meet the needs of downtown merchants and residents. In addition, bi-weekly progress meetings are held to review the project status and upcoming construction phases. Regular updates will be communicated to the public throughout the duration of the project.

For more information, please refer to the ‘Main Street Project Fact Sheet’. Be sure to follow the @TownofRidgefieldCT on Facebook and @CTRidgefield on Twitter or visit for important updates during the next six months.