Ridgefield Responds Rent Assistance

Ridgefield Responds Rent Assistance
Rental Subsidy Information and Application

Ridgefield Responds Rental Assistance Program  (4/15/20)

Ridgefield Responds is a public 501C-3 under the Friends of Ridgefield and is comprised of donated funds for the purpose of assisting Ridgefield Residents who are experiencing immediate financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19.  The focus will be on Ridgefield residents needing assistance with rent payments as a result of losing employment.  The program will be administered through the Department of Social Services, with a special fund from earmarked donations and will utilize a fast path process to help address the urgent needs in the community.  It will be on a first come, first served basis over the next three months or until the designated funds are exhausted. This will augment Federal, State and local programs that may be available to our citizens depending on their situation. 

Program parameters: 

  • Applicants must be Ridgefield residents.
  • Applications will be determined on a month-by-month basis beginning with April and months going forward.  
  • There is a cap of up to $1500 per renter per month.
  • Request must be a result of COVID-19 loss of employment and income.
  • Program duration: three months or until funds are exhausted.  

Fast Track Approval Process

  • Submit Applications with required attachments to ridgefieldresponds@ridgefieldct.org.  
  • Applications will be processed in the order of receipt and the applicant will be notified of the decision.
  • The grant amount will be approved for one month at a time and will be paid directly to the landlord.   


  • Can approved rental grants be made directly to me?  No, Social Services policy requires payments be made directly to a vendor, in this case, the landlord.
  • Does the program provide assistance for mortgage payments?  No, this program is strictly for rental obligations.   
    (For information on mortgage relief during COVID-19, go to the  state consumer help COVID-19 page https://portal.ct.gov/DOB/Consumer/Consumer-Help/COVID-19-Mortgage-Relief )
  • If I apply for unemployment insurance does that disqualify me for this program?  No, we understand that those affected by the virus will be seeking assistance in multiple ways. 
  • Will the landlord be contacted and/or notified?  Yes, if the grant is approved the check will go directly to the landlord. 
  • Can I apply for assistance for more than one month’s rent?  The program application is for one month at a time.  If funds continue to be available applications can be made for subsequent months, one month at a time.  Applicants should use the same application form, updating the appropriate information to reflect their current situation, and noting it as a subsequent application.
  • How long will it take to know if the grant is approved?  Applications will be processed in order of receipt and expectations are that a decision will be made within five days if all the necessary information and documentation is provided. 
  • If I’m sharing an apartment with others, what can I request?  The form asks for your portion of the rent. Other tenants in your apartment may apply if they meet the parameters of the program.
  • How long will the program last?  It is expected that the program will last for three months or until the donated funds are exhausted.  If the need continues and funds are available, the program may be extended.
  • What if my rent is above the cap?  In order to assist as many as possible it is necessary to limit the grant amount per individual to not to exceed the cap. 
  • If I have already paid my rent for April can I request a grant?  If the program parameters are met and the hardship is continuing into the next month you may apply for a grant.

Please use this form to apply. Send the completed form to ridgefieldresponds@ridgefieldct.org. For best results, use the following web browser and pdf software:

Microsoft Edge - select the version that is right for your version of Windows

(To fill out the form online, do so in your browser and then save the filled out form to your computer. Then, attach it to andemail and send it to ridgefieldresponds@ridgefieldct.org. Alternatively, right-click the link for the form, save it to your computer, fill it out, save it, and then email it to ridgefieldresponds@ridgefieldct.org).