Mixed Recycling - WHATS IN, WHATS OUT

Mixed Recycling
Mixed Recycling - WHATS IN, WHATS OUT

Connecticut's State-wide recycling program allows residents to put all acceptable recycling in the same bin. This is called "Mixed Recycling"  This has replaced "single stream" in an effort to standardize recycling in all of Connecticut's 169 cities and towns. For guidelines, explanations and helpful materials for "What's In, What's Out", please visit www.RecycleCT.com, or the CT DEEP's webpage - http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?A=4918&Q=598944

The Recycing center now also has a new collection bin for GLASS.  Residents should be recycling ONLY glass containers/bottles that held food or beverages in them.  That is the easiest description of what is acceptable.  See the attached brochure.  All other items belong in the trash. Please use this link more information about recycing glass.  https://hrra.org/glass-recycling

For more information about materials accepted at the Ridgefield Recycling Center please click here: https://www.ridgefieldct.org/recycling-center

To watch a video to learn about the proper use and disposal of plastic bags, click here ->Plastic Bags.