Historic District Commission

About Us

The Historic District Commission is governed by Connecticut State Statutes (Sections 7‑147a -147k) as well as local ordinance.  The Commission was created in 1968 for the purpose of preserving the historic character of the homes and properties within Ridgefield’s Historic Districts. The Commission governs new construction, alterations, fences, walkways, lighting, signs, driveways, parking areas and other exterior structural features. No buildings within the Districts, which include garages, maintenance sheds and similar structures, may be altered or demolished without prior review and approval from the Commission. The Commission's Rules of Procedure (click 'download procedures') provide property owners with guidelines, standards, and our operating procedures. 

Should the occasion arise where you wish to build, repair, alter or expand your home or property, please remember that the Commission requires notification prior to any work being initiated. In the event that the Commission determines these changes fall within its jurisdiction, an Application for Certificate of Appropriateness is required. Applications are available here (click 'download application') or from the Town Clerk’s office at Town Hall. Our procedures are outlined in detail for you on the application. We are also available to discuss ideas on an informal basis at regularly scheduled meetings—to give you the benefit of our experience and help guide you through the application process.

Preserving historic resources provides a promise of stability and protects the community from radical change. Property values within designated districts tend to remain more stable through periods of economic volatility and show stronger appreciation over the long term. Other economic benefits may include well-maintained infrastructure, a stronger neighborhood identity, increased tourism, and more thoughtful and creative design of new construction in the district.

How to Reach Us

Please call Chairman Daniel O' Brien at (203) 716-6140 or email him.

Commission Members

Name Title
Daniel J. O'Brien Chair
Mark E. Blandford Alternate
Kathleen M. Daughters Alternate
Joseph L. Gasperino
Harriet Hanlon Alternate
Rhys L. Moore
Sean O'Kane
Briggs L. Tobin Vice Chair