Road Cut/Driveway Permits

The Director of Public Services must issue a permit for any work being done within the travel portion of a Town road or in the Town right-of-way. This includes a new driveway or access way construction, alteration of an existing driveway or access way opening, and road cuts for utilities installation or drainage. Step 1 of the process to obtain a permit is to complete an Application for Driveway Permit or Excavation (you can click on these page links to view or print the Application - Page 1 & Page 2). Complete all areas marked in red. You must obtain a Call Before You Dig (CBYD) number. This can be done by calling 1-800-922-4455 or via CBYD's website. CBYD is a free service and insures trouble-free excavating by locating underground utility pipe and cable.

Color Code for Utility Locations

Please call a minimum of two days in advance of the date that excavation is scheduled to begin. Once completed, bring the application to the Highway Department. Step 2 of the process is the issuance of the Driveway or Excavation Permit. The Director of Public Services must inspect the site before issuance of the Driveway or Excavation Permit in order to determine appropriateness of the work and bond amount. Driveway or Excavation Permits can only be issued at the Highway Department.