Golf Committee

1. The Golf Committee is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and reports to that body from time to time. It will act as the Selectmen's agent in matters related to the Ridgefield Golf Course and its operation. They shall, each Jan 1st, among themselves appoint a Committee Chairman, Rules and Pay Committee, Greens Committee, Fees Committee and other committees deemed necessary for proper operation of the course.

2. The Golf Committee will establish an annual operating and maintenance budget so as to ensure to efficient financial management of the course and the clubhouse. Financial records will be maintained in accordance with the methods developed by the Town Controller and approved by the Selectmen.

3. The Golf Committee will establish, and revise annually, fee schedules based on maintaining the course as self-supporting with preferred fees being offered to the residents of the Town of Ridgefield.

Golf Committee Members

Name Title
Ed Tyrrell Chairman
Patrick Egan
Al Fazi Secretary
Marlene Gerhard Vice Chairperson
Tim Reid
Mike Reilly
Deborah A. Murphy