About Us

The Seal of the Ridgefield Fire Department

The Ridgefield Fire Department enjoys a long and proud history with the Town of Ridgefield and department members have served the residents and visitors of Ridgefield loyally for over 110 years. Today the department is an all-hazards response agency responsible for minimizing life and property loss from fire, medical injuries, and other rescue and emergency incidents. The department provides fire prevention services, including plan review, building inspections, and public education, as well as emergency response to fires, accidents, medical incidents, hazardous material incidents, public service calls, and natural disasters.

The department is a combination fire department comprised of both career and volunteer personnel. A minimum of eight career firefighters staff two stations on a full-time basis providing fire and EMS services. The department also provides full advanced life support services with paramedic level care ambulances. Volunteer personnel function in a variety of capacities including; interior firefighting, support services, and fire police services. During Fiscal Year 2017-2018 a total of 37 career line positions were supported by the department’s budget and volunteer membership was maintained at 53 members.

The Ridgefield Fire Department is a progressive department always seeking new and improved ways of delivering services to our customers. We believe our strength is in our ability to meet or exceed the expectations of our residents and our growth has allowed us to become an innovative and effective department.

                           "Get to know us before you need us."