Natural Resource Inventory

In 2010 the Ridgefield Conservation Commission partnered with the Metropolitan Conservation Alliance, a program of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, to create the first-ever comprehensive Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) of the Town of Ridgefield. The Ridgefield NRI was published in April 2012.    

The NRI is a living document - while it catalogs what we know, both past and present, it also recognizes that these are merely snapshots of what is an ever-evolving pattern of change. The reader is particularly directed to the appendices that contain the species-specific information derived from the field surveys done for the document. They are intended to be seen as a work in progress to be added to by future observers of the flora and fauna of Ridgefield.  
The NRI, taken in tandem with the Town's Plan of Conservation and Develpment (POCD)  provides a blueprint for charting a more sustainable future for Ridgefield.
Copies of the NRI are available for review at the Conservation Commission office. Copies can also be purchased for $20/copy at the commission office and at Books on the Common. The electronic version of the NRI can be viewed at the following link: The Ridgefield Natural Resource Inventory

Click checklists for a set of Ridgefield Species Checklists so that you can personally contribute to the NRI.

Maps of The Ridgefield Natural Resource Inventory, April, 2012