Request a BLAST Presentation

Request a BLAST Presentation


Request a BLAST Presentation

Invite the BLAST program to be part of your school event, corporate health fair or community gathering. We want to make sure that outdoor fun always starts with the most effective prevention practices. The BLAST presentations are free in Fairfield County and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you reside in Connecticut but outside Fairfield County, and would like to bring the BLAST program to your town, consider training as a volunteer. While our service area is limited, our desire to educate the state about prevention is not. Volunteers help us spread the word that tick-borne diseases are serious and can be prevented. We are always happy to meet with prospective volunteers to expand their knowledge about tick-borne diseases and provide valuable experience training in and teaching the BLAST message.

Schedule an event or become a volunteer today!

Contact: Karen Gaudian

Email: [email protected]

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Phone: (203) 431-7006