Just removed a tick and need to have it tested for Lyme?

Submitting Ticks for Testing

1) Place tick in a ziplock bag. Don't tape it.

2) Bring it to your local Health Department, do not mail it.

Only ticks that are removed from a Ridgefield resident can be brought to the Ridgefield Health Department -Annex office at 66 Prospect St. for FREE testing (the fee is currently paid by the Connecticut State Department). The State lab only tests ticks who have bitten human hosts, not pets. The Ridgefield Health Department is located on the 2nd floor of the Annex, behind the Ridgefield Playhouse, across from the Skate Park.

3) Fill out a form at the Annex (66 Prospect St), on the 2nd floor.

Write the name of the person the tick bit, and other information requested. If the bitten person is under 18 (a minor), the parent’s name is also needed. HIPAA laws prevent us from contacting anyone else but the patient, except for minors. The tick(s) will be tested for Lyme, Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis. 

4) Make a note of the submittal date for your records.

As of Febuary 10, 2020, results are taking approximately less than 7 business days to process. The CAES lab will send results to the patient only via email. If the test is positive, the Ridgefield Health department will call to ensure you received the email. Therefore, monitor the email you provided and/or voicemail.

Individuals submitting a tick for testing who suspect they have contracted Lyme or other tick-borne diseases are encouraged NOT to wait for these results before consulting a physician. The tick testing is helpful information but cannot be used as a diagnostic tool.  

It is important to record the date of the bite, monitor the symptoms, and seek the advice of your personal physician.

In 2019, 46.15 percent of the ticks tested (247) for Ridgefield residents were positive for Lyme and other tickborne diseases.

For the month of January 2020, 33 percent of the ticks tested (6) for Ridgefield residents have been positive for Lyme and other tickborne diseases.Read more about statewide results and tick testing here: