Our Department Members

The Ridgefield Fire Department is a combination department comprised of both career and volunteer members. Currently the department maintains four administrative positions and 34 career line positions. Career line personnel are assigned to one of four shifts, (A Shift, B Shift, C Shift, or D Shift). Volunteer members function in a variety of capacities including; interior firefighter, support personnel, and fire police. Today the total number of volunteers currently stands at 57. The department also employs two full-time and seven part-time Fire/EMS Dispatchers.

Administrative Staff

Jerry MyersActing Fire Chief
Patricia A. MarkertFire Administrator

Fire Marshal Staff

Michael R. GrassoFire Marshal
Michael DrakeDeputy Fire Marshal (Part Time)
Guy MiglinasDeputy Fire Marshal (Part Time)

Firemen with fire truckFirefightersFirefighters

Career Shifts

A Shift

Rom Duckworth, ParamedicFire Captain
David Dachinger, AEMTFire Lieutenant
P. Holland, ParamedicFirefighter
C. Hancock, AEMTFirefighter
C. Alward, ParamedicFirefighter
R. Eckhoff, AEMTFirefighter
N. Paproski, ParamedicFirefighter
E. Marchitto, AEMTFirefighter

B Shift

David McDevitt, ParamedicFire Captain
Bruce Taylor, EMTFire Lieutenant
T. Peatt, AEMTFirefighter
D. Loya, ParamedicFirefighter
T. Nobes, ParamedicFirefighter
K. Woessner, ParamedicFirefighter
J. Pomponio, AEMTFirefighter
T. Limbos, ParamedicFirefighter

C Shift

J. Drake, EMTFire Captain
T. Cerulli, AEMTLieutenant
G. Miglinas, ParamedicFirefighter
C. Sanders, ParamedicFirefighter
M. Short, ParamedicFirefighter
S. Kindschi, AEMTFirefighter
J. Bonner, EMTFirefighter
C. Augustine, ParamedicFirefighter

D Shift

R. Lawlor, AEMTFire Captain
M. Moore, ParamedicFire Lieutenant
M. Drake, AEMTFirefighter
K. Brown, AEMTFirefighter
M. Trenck, ParamedicFirefighter
M. Gesmondi, ParamedicFirefighter
D. Lachelier, ParamedicFirefighter
M. Behuniak, ParamedicFirefighter

Day Shift

B & C ShiftJustin Krofssik, Firefighter/ParamedicFirefighter
A & D ShiftGino Furano, Firefighter/EMTFirefighter


Firefighters climbing into a windowFirefighter and fire trucksFirefighter atop a roof

Fire/EMS Dispatchers

J. RosaEmergency Medical Dispatcher
D. FrullaEmergency Medical Dispatcher
K. BrainerdEmergency Medical Dispatcher
P. PerottiEmergency Medical Dispatcher
M. MelilloEmergency Medical Dispatcher
vacantEmergency Medical Dispatcher

Firemen and fire truckFiremen with hoseFiremen with arms akimbo

Volunteer Members

Volunteer Officers

T. PambianchiVolunteer Chief
M. GabbianelliVolunteer Assistant Chief
C. DibbleCaptain
W. von ZehleCaptain
B. PrincipeLieutenant
B. SantiniLieutenant

Volunteer Firefighters

J. BarrettFirefighter
C. BelardinelliFirefighter
J. BenzigerFirefighter
J. BonnerFirefighter
G. CortinaFirefighter
T. DaleFirefighter
E. FalcinelliFirefighter
G. FlynnFirefighter
C. FrostFirefighter
E. GabbianelliFirefighter
A. GaetaFirefighter
M. GaldoFirefighter
J. JabaraFirefighter
E. LefebvreFirefighter
S. MainFirefighter
R. NapoliFirefighter
L. PagliucoFirefighter
A. PambianchiFirefighter
N. PambianchiFirefighter
E. ScalaFirefighter
P. SextonFirefighter
D. SheerinFirefighter
T. SullivanFirefighter
K. TappeFirefighter
T. TuohyFirefighter
J. WilliamsonFirefighter
D. WolnickFirefighter

Support Personnel

R. Ciarcia
R. Gutstein
M. Dibble
B. Scala

Fire Police Members

W. WielandCaptain
B. MyersLieutenant
J. BeloteLieutenant
P. Baumann 
K. Casey 
R. DuVivier 
F. Fields 
T. Hollaran 
B. Hess 
P. Keeler 
T. Kimball 
J. L'hernault 
T. Santini 
J. Scott 
S. Scott 
V. Sganga 

Firemen outside of a truckPoliceman