Skate Park


Our Graham Dickinson SPIRIT Skate Park has been a front-runner in the skate park industry for ten years. A pioneer town-run skate park, it serves a unique need and population, while bringing the sports of skateboarding and inline skating into the mainstream by offering programs and events for all ages and all abilities.

The park originated as a grassroots movement. A large group of Ridgefielders, young people and adults, collaborated in an effort to fill the void which existed in alternative recreation. The park was built in 1998, and continues to thrive, serving the community seven days a week, nine months out of the year. It is staffed at all times, and employs local youth as skate instructors and monitors.

Our skate park provides a rare opportunity for young people to congregate and socialize in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment, while engaging in a “personal best” type of sport, with no timetables or pressure to “win” or “succeed”. This inclusive and non-competitive environment encourages creativity and friendship, and breeds the confidence and enthusiasm that carry over into other areas of life. Advanced skaters mentor beginners. New skaters idolize experts. Everyone helps each other, videoing tricks, offering tips and encouragement.

An exceptionally friendly staff, reasonable prices, and skating opportunities for everyone make the Graham Dickinson SPIRIT Skate Park the most enduring town-run skate park in the area, and a model program, emulated by many other municipalities in New England .

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Hours of Operation
School Year: Weekdays from 3pm - Dusk, Weeeknds from Noon - Dusk 
Summer Hours: Weekdays & Weekends Noon - Dusk

*The Park closes for the season the first week of December, depending on the weather conditions.