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  Ridgefield Highway Department
60 South Street
Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(203) 431-2748 


Town Roads:   There are 420 town roads in the Town of Ridgefield.  These roads total approximately 168 miles.  They are maintained by the Highway Department.  The Highway Department's crew of 16 execute jobs that include the following:

  • Paving and Road Maintenance
  • Grading of Unpaved Roads
  • Cutting Gutters
  • Drainage
  • Snow Plowing and Salting
  • Road Sweeping
  • Mowing and Brush Cutting

The Highway Department employs five skilled mechanics who are responsible for implementing a preventative maintenance program for all town vehicles including Highway, Police, Fire, Parks & Recreation and the Building Department.  Additionally, The Highway Department responds to weather and traffic emergencies, as requested by the Ridgefield Police Department. When requested, the Highway Department performs many functions assisting other town departments, as well as for special events such as Rid Litter Day, Waste Oil and Antifreeze Collection Day, parades, fairs, etc.

New Roads:    The Director of Public Services, in cooperation with the Town Engineer, issues permits for and oversees construction of all new roads.  Once construction is completed, and the Board of Selectmen vote to adopt a road, it then becomes the responsibility of the Highway Department to maintain it.

Road Cut/Driveway Permits:    The Director of Public Services must issue a permit for any work being done within the travel portion of a Town road or in the Town right-of-way.  This includes a new driveway or access way construction, alteration of an existing driveway or access way opening, and road cuts for utilities installation or drainage.  Step 1 of the process to obtain a permit is to complete an Application for Driveway Permit or Excavation (you can click on these page links to view or print the Application - Page 1 & Page 2).  Complete all areas marked in red.  You must obtain a Call Before You Dig (CBYD) number.  This can be done by calling 1-800-922-4455 or via CBYD's website.  CBYD is a free service and insures trouble-free excavating by locating underground utility pipe and cable. 

Please call a minimum of two days in advance of the date that excavation is scheduled to begin.  Once completed, bring the application to the Highway Department.  Step 2 of the process is the issuance of the Driveway or Excavation Permit.  The Director of Public Services must inspect the site before issuance of the Driveway or Excavation Permit in order to determine appropriateness of the work and bond amount.  Driveway or Excavation Permits can only be issued at the Highway Department.

Street Signs:   The Highway Department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all Town named street signs.  All signs related to traffic flow and control (speed limit, stop signs, yield etc.) are handled by the Ridgefield Police Department at (203) 438-6531.

Adopt A Street:  The Town sponsors an Adopt-A-Street program whereby a citizens group, neighborhood association, family or individual adopts a street and assists in litter cleanup and also occasionally performs beautification projects.  The Town recognizes these efforts by installing a sign bearing the name of the party who has adopted the street. The program has been quite successful in beautifying Ridgefield for our residents as well as reducing the workload of the Highway Department.  For information on the program, please contact either Barbara Hartman at or Beth Yanity at (203) 438-8288 or (203) 768-8019.

Tree work:   John Pinchbeck, Tree Warden, is responsible for all tree work on Town roads (within Town right-of-way only).  Trees located on private property are soley the responsibility of the individual homeowner.  The Town reserves the right to request that trees obstructing sightlines for traveling motorists be trimmed back.  John maintains an office at 60 South Street and may be reached at 203-431-2358.  If John is not in his office, please leave a voice mail. 

Tree trimming near wires or poles is the sole responsibility of Eversource.  To create a service request please click on the Eversource Service Request Form.

Private Roads:   There are 51 private roads in The Town of Ridgefield.  To view a list of Ridgefield's private roads, please click on the link Ridgefield Private Road List.  Maintenance for private roads is set by Town of Ridgefield Code 310-58.  To view this code, click on the Municipal private road maintenance link.

State Roads:    All state roads located in the Town of Ridgefield are the responsibility of the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation. The Danbury office may be reached at 203-797-4157 or you may report a State Road issue via the DOT's "Customer Feedback" email system.  They are required to respond to your inquiry.

The list of state roads is as follows:

Route 7 - Danbury Road (North of Route 35) / Ethan Allen Hwy (South of Route 35)
Route 33 - Main Street / Wilton Road West
Route 35 - Danbury Road / Main Street / West Lane / South Salem Road
Route 102 - Branchville Road
Route 116 - North Salem Road
SR 822 - Catoonah Street / High Ridge Avenue (from Catoonah St to Barry Avenue) / Barry Avenue / West Mountain Road
SR 835 - West Lane (from South Salem Road to Route 123-NY)

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