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  • Future Uses at the McKeon Farm - Are You Interested?

One of our most important open spaces is the former McKeon Farm in Ridgebury. The commission is putting together a plan for acceptable uses of the property. Have a farmyard animal that could use some open space? Contact us. 

Well, Whitney Freeman of He nny Penny Farm did contact us and has been using part of the McKeon Farm property for the grazing of sheep, goats, and llamas since May of this year. Whitney, with the backing of the Conservation Commission has applied for a US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) grant for the installation of a well and other items to improve the McKeon Farm property for 30 sheep, 10 goats, and 2 llamas.

One of the conditions for receiving the grant was that Henny Penny sign a 5-year lease with the Town of Ridgefield. A public hearing on the lease was held on December 7, 2016 followed by a town meeting on December 19, 2016. The citizens of Ridgefield unanimously approved the lease at the town meeting and Rudy Marconi, First Selectman, signed the lease that night.

  • 2015 Open Space Map

A townwide map showing all open space was updated in December 2015 and a 22x30 inch print is available for purchase in the Conservation Commission office, Town Hall, and Books on Common. Click to view the Open Space Map

  • The New 2016 Ridgefield Walk Book – Available Now!

The popular Ridgefield Walk Book is your best guide to the many walking trails throughout the town’s open spaces. It has now been updated for 2016 and is in color such that the many trail maps are easier to read. It will be available at the Conservation Commission office in the Town Hall Annex and at several locations around town (e.g., Books on the Common, Squashs). Proceeds from the sale of this book will be added to the Conservation Commission’s Open Space Conservation Fund for the purchase of open space land in Ridgefield.

  • Winners of the Walk Book Photo Contest

As part of ouRidgefield Walk Book Frontr effort to update the book, the commission held a Walk Book photo contest and we are pleased to announce the winners:Ridgefield Walk Book Back

  • Chris Burke: cover photo of Seth Low Pierrepont State Park.
  • Bryan Perri: back cover photo of West Mountain Refuge (McManus).


  • Conservation Ranger Program - Sign Up Now!

 The commission has been working on habitat preservation and open space acquisition since its inception and has a trail maintenance and development program aided by Rangers who watch over the properties under our custody. We could not meet our mandate without the devoted work of our rangers. Read this and see how you can become a Conservation Commission Ranger.