Board of Selectmen mtg

Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 7:30pm

Town Hall Large Conference Room
400 Main Street, Ridgefield, Connecticut

Policy:  Board of Selectmen’s meetings will be conducted under Roberts Rules of Order with comment invited only on agenda items that are action items not subject to formal public hearing. Individuals will be recognized for three minutes after Board of Selectmen discussion but before Board of Selectmen vote.  All items on agenda are presented as possible action items (vote) by the Board of Selectmen.


  1. Public Comment
  2. ECDC Interview:   Karen Wishod Sulzinsky
  3. Reappointments:         Parking Authority – Robert J. Murphy Jr.
                                        WPCA – Rudy Marconi
  4. Vendor Permit Renewal—The Natural Scoop (Kirstin Cerulli, Carin Crook)
  5. Horse Ordinance Draft
  6. Golf Director Contract Renewal Request
  7. Selectman’s Report
  8. Approval of Meeting Minutes:   3/22/17 special, 3/22/17 regular, 3/30/17 special

Note:  Anyone requiring special accommodations due to disability is asked to contact the First Selectman’s office at (203) 431-2774 or